1 Day Slovenia: Ljubljana & Love Locks.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ― W.B. Yeats

I was on business travel from Italy to Austria and got lucky: The One Day Slovenia experience was waiting. Until now I'm not 100% sure how the name is pronounced, so you can also safely refer to the city as Slovenia's capital! The bus arrived at the local train station of Lubljana, I came from Trieste and paid around 10 Euros for a 5 hour bus journey. You could also fly into Slovenia's capital but it is by far not the international airport you would imagine.

What was my first impression? It was grey, moody and by far not as underdeveloped as I thought it would be. Again I was suprised by how strangely my Western mind must have been conditioned. Why would I imagine Eastern European countries to be anything less developed. Instead, what I noticed as I walked down the road towards the river, how fresh and upbeat the city was.

There is no hassle, no noise. The occasional car passes by, leaving a echoing sound in my ears. It's a bit freezing and likely to rain. Down at the river, I spot a gondola which would go up to the castle, I keep wondering along the river until I spot a bridge with love locks, reminding me of Cologne.

I kept walking, through the streets, admiring the architecute and found myself up to the castle eventually. The view from up there was amazing! There is just such a magic about distant horizons which makes me feel small and humble. I stayed for a while, then took the gondola down to the city again. Yes I got a little bit lazy and the drizzling rain encourage me to hurry.

That's how I found Marley & Me, a cute little cafe with handsome staff and lovely tea. I got my book out. Occasionally my ears sneaked into the neighboring conversations, wondering where other people would be coming from and going to. 

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