On Character Creation


They say when you reach the bottom you will get smashed. At least that’s what many people believe. Scenes are created by senses operating at a certain spectrum. A spectrum which can go in two directions. What lies on the other end of the spectrums and how all connects into one. I take care of a special character. In fact, special is by far not giving it justice.


My character is magical. She is my own little creation and I’m her guide you could say. She has no idea I exist. What do I do for her? Everything. I create her story, I place life events and characters into her life so she grows into who she really is. I let her go through obstacles and send her joyful human experiences. Those are the basics really.

If you really want to know more, well I have a magic box of colourful crayons which I use. Also, I have to use a little bit of maths, it’s that sort of invisible net keeping the story together. Many of my friends’ colour stories which are easy to see through, at least from my perspective. I find stories more fascinating which reveal the crux only at the very end. So that’s why you’re likely to not understand what my character is all about. You see a snapshot in time, that’s about it.

Characters on earth have a defined lifetime and in order to let my character experience the biggest things, I will need to work with the long distance between two places. Time is my main ingredient and it flies like an arrow. It’s sad how most people don’t get the concept of time and complain they are fed up with waiting. They get so impatient and it’s not fun watching. However, my character seems to be on track. I’ve sent her hints that she can have it all but not all at once. I have a big plan.  

So as my dear character is unsuspectingly starting her morning on this glorious day, I’ve come together with a friend of mine for a little co-creation story. My friend’s character lives thousands of kilometres away from my sweetheart but from a big picture perspective, there is only a fine white line painted on the sand.  

Karl had a busy morning, his agenda was long and so he got up early. He jumped into his slight pair of jeans which were hanging on the chair. He left the curtains closed not to wake anyone in the house who was still sleeping. He hushed through the front door and was out in freedom. All to himself, he took a deep breath in and found his way towards the old barn. He knew exactly what to do, as he had worked until 9pmthe last evening, so he grabbed his gear and headed towards the field.

Do stuff, be clenched, curious.




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