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Don’t Quit Your Daydream

1 A man in a room by Rembrandt (1630)2 Warrior by Conrad Marca-Relli (1956)3 Studies of Leda and a horse by Leonardo Da Vinci (1504)   Dreams. Just something weird within the human experience? It’s not real. Somehow your subconscious picks up […]

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Weekly Philosophy Findings

Here are a few links I’ve picked up this week, enjoy. Maybe there is some inspiration for your unique journey.     Philosophy for the ear. I’ve always been obsessed with radio, this week I stumbled upon some interesting philosophy […]

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8 Ways to find the Unknown in London

“You live in London, hell there must be so much to discover.” That’s probably the opinion of many. True. I used to jump on the tube, get off somewhere unknown. But even that has gotten old. I’m somehow running out […]

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Short Trip to the Lakedistrict

Why go? A certain magic pervades the Lakedistrict, a mountainous region in North West England. This year the area was awarded UNESCO world heritage site within the cultural landscape category, particularly because of its identity and inspiration. So, I couldn’t help but […]

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Voice Instead

A year-long getaway to some exotic place, a week by the sea? No. This week I got particularly excited about a plugin called Voice Instead for Chrome. Just highlight the text within any site on the Internet, close your eyes (or multitask) and […]

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Decoding the Universe

  Watching Inception back in 2010, seeing the little boy writing down numbers in his book all the time, got me hooked on numbers. There must be more to them than what meets the eye. Maths as a means to […]

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