Pallas, the Guardian Deity of Athens

I feel compelled to shout this from every roof top imaginable, Pallas is right here with us.

Pallas, the guardian deity of Athens.

Snow-capped Olympus shook to its foundation.
The glad earth re-echoed her martial shout.
The billowy sea became agitated.
Helios, the sun-god, arrested his fiery steeds.
Course to welcome this wonderful emanation.
Pallas was at once admitted into the assembly of the gods.
Henceforth took her place as the most faithful and sagacious of all her father's counsellors.

The myth of Pallas Athena described by Homer in one of his hymns.

Pallas = creative intelligence and strategy.
Intelligence relates directly to the ability to perceive patterns.

The interrelatedness of concepts.

The more objects a juggler can keep in the air, the more skilled he is.
The more concepts a person can correlate simultaneously the smarter they are.
Visualize the whole,  take it apart and reassemble it in your mind.
Without the aid of physical parts, you can recreate it in reality. 



Read below:

What influence I get from the asteroid Pallas found in my natal chart.
I have Pallas in Aquarius, Pallas conjunct my Ascendant and a Retrograde Pallas.

I conclude with links to further reading on how you can find your placement.
Find out how the energy from Pallas is reflected in your life.


Pallas in Aquarius

Healing with the electrical energies in the body like vibration, color and sound.

Gifted in solving the most difficult of problems with unusual solutions.
Revolutionaries defending humanitarian causes around the world.
Let's create something new and exciting.  
Artists who teeter on the cutting edge.
Seeing all the future possibilities.
Patterns that are sheer genius.
Light work best for them.
Maybe a bit insane.


A problem-solver using unusual or unexpected perspectives.
Keen insights that shake up the status quo.
An ability to see into the future, a trendsetter.
Pallas here is good with technology and anything that's new, offbeat or revolutionary.


Pallas conjunct Ascendant

A strategy to life.
Life with a battle plan.
A battle plan for ageing.
Part of a larger story.
Physical presence creates ripples.
You have a plan.
A rational mind.
Androgynous appearance.
Noticing patterns.
That's life.

Go beyond this apparent conflict and have it both ways. 
Emotions takes a back seat to something more important.
Concentrate more fully on some creative endeavor.
Come up with a new approach to some situation.
Requiring compromise or creative resolution.
The head and the heart.
Find your Pallas in your natal chart
You only need to know your birthdate, birthtime and place.
Look for the Zodiac placement, e.g. for me Pallas is in Aquarius, on my Ascendant and in Retrograde.
Please let me know if you want me to find it for you.
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  1. Great Article!

    I have the same placement (Very tight Pallas conjunct Ascendant) in Gemini, also Retrograde.

    Pattern recognition, ability to see the bigger picture, dexterity are all the things that come to mind with an Pallas/Ascendant placement.
    Also, regarding physical appearance, I’ve read that an androgynous appearance is quite common? Maybe it’s the balance of masculine and feminine energies…

    I have a few opposing planets in the 6th & 7th house (Venus, Neptune,Mercury, Uranus)

    I’ve concluded that I ‘see’ and understand things differently than those around me but growth and development comes from respecting other people’s views and beliefs.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

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