Be introduced to the vastness of my photographs or in other words, I'm cleaning up my memory drive. I love taking my camera as it makes me look closer to what's around but I have talked about this before. The following selection was taken during a photo walk around London Moorgate.

It's the weekend and not much is going on. All the offices are empty, I greet the Christmas tree delivery man on the street and rush towards the group of photographers. It's cold and I don't have my gloves with me but the light is quite nice today. 

We meet outside of Liverpool Street station and walk towards Broadgate, around Leadenhall market and the Gherkin. 

Two things are really sticking with me. 

#1: The Cleaning Experience

Some folks are hanging on the building, cleaning the windows. That may not be everyone's cup of tea, tangling in the air but I wonder what it would be like. They should offer this to the numerous tourists in town. 

"Wanna go on an adventure? Come join us for the ultimate cleaning experience."

Or something along those lines.

#2: Art for the Workforce?

I haven't fully understood why it is that we are working. I feel like I'm in a weird position as I am standing here on a weekend looking at a place which serves the weekdays. I notice a lot of art around here and wonder how the office workers would look at the art as they rush back from their lunch break into the office. Is this kind of art inspiring? Or what is it trying to tell. I found it rather hilarious how they put this statue there.

We wander around between huge buildings, with the purpose of finding small geometrical shapes. I'm always keen to improve my photography skills, yet have to admit that it takes effort to break out of my usual thinking pattern. I notice that I'm not following  instructions. I guess we all come for different purposes.

Starbucks offers a warm shelter, we grab a cup of coffee. Thanks Chris, and dear readers don't miss out on his writing on the Internet.

Then we split up and follow our own little paths again. 

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