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I have toured, explored, and experienced hundreds of cities. My adventures have lead me to both first and third world countries, exploring the much loved and familiar tourist sights, as well as off the beaten track and behind the scenes. I have seen Europe, South East Asia and North and Central America.

Are you feeling a little lost, or asking yourself anyone of these questions?

1- Are you pounding your head against a wall and trying to figure out where to start?

2- Do you have a seemingly endless list of travel questions?

3- Are you spending hours hunched over your keyboard trying to find the cheapest flights, the necessary visas, and a practical budget?


I have years of experience in….

1- Planning Short Term Travel

2- Planning Long-term Travel Planning

3- Round the World Trips

4-Travel Hacking

5- Saving money

6-Making Budgets

7- Planning Itineraries

8- Planning Routes

9-Finding Cheap Flights

10-Getting a Work Holiday Visa


  • Research:

I will spend time looking for what I think are the best hotels, hotels, recommend tours, and booking them for you is an option as well.  ( 1 hour with this package you can add time for $20 an hour.)

  • 30 minute Skype Session 

Face to Face Skype Travel Planning Session for 30 minutes!

We can discuss any questions or whatever travel topics you feel you could improve on.

In this time I can give you recommendations, travel tips. and personalized advice.

My goal is to help you get the most from your travels.

  • 1 Week Email Support

With the wanderluster package you get 1 week of unlimited email support. You can use this support whenever you like.

If you want to save it for the week before you fly out to make sure you have all your bases covered, or you can save the support for when you get to a destination you are unsure about.

I want you to feel comfortable while traveling, and sincerely want to help. That is why I do what I do!

  • Monthly Check In

A month after you start traveling you will revive a personal email from me asking about your travels, how you are doing, and if you need any other advice.

You can use reply to this email telling me your  travel stories, and  ask and new questions that might have come up while you were traveling.

Who is the perfect for?

1- Have you already completed a lot of the planning and need only to tie up the loose ends or make sure you haven’t forgotten anything?

2-Are looking for to get your travel questions answered?

3- Are you on the road already and looking for some advice for your next destination?

4-  Are you looking for someone to “help plan my trip”?

Price: £40

Note: I will always answer basic travel questions for free at


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