I stumbled upon PURE MEANS at the Tate Modern here in London. Maybe it's due to the fact that I'm a Virgo that everything pure steals my attention in less than an instance. It could also have been the beautiful orange sticking out amongst all the other books.


The format looked appealing. 110 pages on purity? Yes, please. What I found while skimming through the pages was a neat little structure of the chapters. They are all pretty compact, some don't last longer than a few rows. Without even reading it, I had a subtle feeling that this would be a book of a different kind. I grabbed it at an art fair after all.


Publisher's Note

PURE MEANS draws fictional writing, philosophy, and politics tight together. With two scraps of paper, scribbled down words, a crumpled photographic image, along with a gesture and an utterance saying 'This voice is not mine', this book unashamedly asks us to become visionaries and see what 'pure means' can be. Littered with experiments, not only with writing and words, but also with the art of citation without citation marks, glosses, and glossary, PURE MEANS troubles the preponderance of government today. It brings an 'insurrection of being' into sight, and it is magical to see.


If you follow this blog along for a while, you may be aware that I consider its theme to operate in the realms of philosophy to a large extent. PURE MEANS was both a slap as well as an encouragement to remain humble with regards to the philosophic sphere. To me personally, philosophy is an advanced form of thinking, leaving the matter of facts behind. Lamox, however, elevates the reader and takes him to a different pedestal of understanding does. 


So what does the title refer to?

It's not that simple to answer because Lamox looks at it from various different angles, but I like this indication of it:

An inclination (...) that is to be found in the middle of the very word, is derived from the process but yet is not dependent upon it. I'll call it a life. A life of pure means.  p.22


What have you learned from the book?

I've come to understand the present moment a little bit better. Lamox has challenged me to continue looking deeper within all possible spheres, but she also reassured me that purity seems to exist after all.


Publisher: The Copy Press Limited
Date: 17.09.2013
Author: Yve Lamox
Order: Here
ISBN: 978-0-9553792-9-1





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