Rise or Shine. A Sort of Paradise in the Morning?

As you can see in the picture for this post, you can seem to spot paradise in the most random places. In this light I would like to share a few thoughts with respect to happiness in the morning. Why is the feeling coming and how to make the feeling stronger? Rise or shine? 


 I remember being a little girl, waking up so excited to go out and play in the sand. Now, at the age of 28, there are different thoughts in my head as I wake up to start the day. A friend told me that he holds the time in the morning particularly precious as it really sets the tone for your day. Hence it’s really important to start the day with the right thoughts, the brilliant and golden thoughts. Wouldn’t you agree?

Consequently, I paid more attention to the very first thoughts in my day. When the sun rises through my window or when I sit near the mirror and get my hair and makeup ready and when the sun hits my mirror and I can see my eyes glowing in such an amazing light, I’ve come to experience this as my personal rise or shine. Clearly I was opting for shine.

When I have time to actually breath in the morning, I not only rise or shine, I fell like I’m in paradise. Oftentimes I have to sort of integrate myself to be at peace and not already at other virtual places. There is a time for everything and when I succeed to be at home and enjoy my coffee and just be there, it is great and I feel prepared for the whole day. Writing helps me to find that peace of mind.

I love to start the morning with thoughts observing the squirrels chasing each other in the trees. It feels magical to observe the leaves in the park in front of our balcony. Seeing buses drive by Alexandra Palace in the distance, I am thinking about the early rise of the bus drivers and it motivates me. I’m imagining what amazing view of London the driver must experience. Bus drivers who drive past Alexandra Palace really seem to live the dream.

The days seem to pass faster and faster the older you get. Recently I came across an interesting thought that the increase in the speed we feel life is going is correlating to the age of the body’s metabolism, maybe this is related to the thoughts which pop into our heads as we open our eyes in the morning.

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  1. I feel that you are a very special person who sees beauty in everything.You seem to be this way all the time,others only get this occasionally.

    I am now getting it more and more.I was walking through the park yesterday and found myself looking up at the trees in wonder and I felt so happy I wanted to cry,if that makes sense.The best moments are what Laslow called peak experience,you step outside the ego and experience timelessness.You can’t really put it into words.

    A quote from Blake.’when the doors of perception are cleansed,everything is seen as it really is,infinite’

  2. “Slightly unrelated to the image I wanted to share a few things with you which make me absolutely happy in the morning”

    Brilliant juxtaposition, like the homeless man sleeping on the cement ground outside a department store window featuring a bed put together beautifully with crisp linens and a dozen puffy pillows. I actually saw a black and white picture similar to that today…

    Seems to be a theme.

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