Sightseeing in Granada Nicaragua. What to do?


I realized that I may become tourist traveler when I opted for a small minibus from Leon to Granada. A couple and me were the only passengers, all other seats were left empty. I guess the real adventure would have been to take local transport from Leon to Managua and then transfer to Granada. In my defense, my body was still battling with food germs from the night before. Even though the burrito looked good from the perspective of my vision, my stomach was not able to object, turned out the ingredients wanted to mess with me for a while. Maybe this should become the day that I became a vegetarian.  

In Granada, I opted for a single room and took some good rest. Eventually I realized that I had to go out and get some food into my system. All I remembered was the saying “Cook it, peel it or leave.” Best shot? Bananas. My mum’s secret when suffering from a stomach flu was bananas and coke.  

Out on the street, there was so much hassle.  I could barely walk straight, holding my big water bottle pressed in front of my stomach. People were looking at me as usual. Yelling “Hey Chica” or the like. Sorry guys, but I really couldn’t deal with forming any sort of reaction. My entire focus was on my own survival and all that “Hey Chica” stuff was giving me a slight headache. As I was winding my way through the market, it felt like I was winding through the reasons of what was causing my body to suffer. I seemed that my mind got fed up with this huge cultural and personal gap between me and the people around me. Sure I came here to see the world, so what would I expect to find. If I didn’t want to see the unknown why was I coming in the first place? Obviously I respect Granada's culture to highest belief and I do not want to change the people or anything. I’m just the observer.  

Maybe people gave me that particular look because they sense that I had money. that I would be living the better life or that I'd be from a better place. Walking around the market, it just hit me and I was pretty much sick of it all. Not only physically sick in my stomach, but it seemed I had stumbled into some other sickness. All I wanted was not to feel the separation between me and the people. Can't you see we are all the same?  

Unfortunately, this is not how life works down here on earth. You have to deal with stuff. Perhaps a complete merging will only occur on one single day in one's life. I knew I was in some extreme form of mindset but that didn't mean I had any super powers which could just blow the misconceptions against Europeans out of the way. The version of the world which is familiar to me may look more progressed from the eyes of a Nicaraguan but it doesn’t mean that life would be in any way easier. There are still planets in the sky.  

Eventually I found some bananas and an older lady was packing a bunch into a small plastic bag. I didn’t really understand how much it was and gave her 40$ Cordobas. When she raised her hand to give me back some change, I was completely touched. This lady may not have much but she was so true and honest and good. I was about to walk away but she still gave me the money back. I couldn’t handle the situation, quickly took my bag and escaped through a small back ally to the area behind the stalls. My emotions ran crazy and tears started pouring down my cheeks. Something moved me to the fullest, the whole day, the whole hour, the whole moment with the kindest lady on earth. 

A few minutes later a couple of girls came to me, looking curious what was going on with me. The one who was walking right in front of me was wearing a t-shirt with a big red heart on it. What a sign! Here the world was showing me that love is actually all around! All I was able to say was “Pocito espagnol” and “It’s OK.”  They left and I continued my crying part for a bit until I slowly got back into acceptance mode. I didn’t see any reason not to cry and it felt so liberating. I was not missing anything apart from the urge to merge with it all, to blow pure love and happiness all around me which doesn’t seem to be possible.  



I was astonished what magic an overnight sleep can do to the body, I felt completely new born and was convinced that I went to some magic land during the hours of the night. Every time when I wonder about sleep, my mind is taken back to the philosophy found in “24/7:Late Capitalism & the End of Sleep.” What would the world look like if our last little human spot, the night rest, would be plugged into the capitalistic machine as well. 

A pleasant breakfast by the pool, bananas and pancakes as well as black coffee, I started roaming around the local market, observed the hassle from a much more relaxed perspective. A man was weighting rice on an old-fashioned scale while some of his mates were wrapping transparent plastic foil around the rice sacks because raindrops were falling down. I sat on a veranda when a woman came out. She was dribbling some rice into a small little cup to secure the plastic foil a bit more. She smiled at me and I hoped she could see my gratefulness in my face, gratefulness that I could sit in this small little spot under her roof.  

I kept walking which felt like floating through the current of nature. My mind and heart were delighted about unknown things again. A woman was selling strange fruits and loud Spanish tunes were coming out of a shop behind the market stalls. I really love the music, it offered such an easy path to transcend higher in an instant.  I felt quite brave actually and kept on walking and walking just following my instinct (or should I say Sagittarius moon?). What pulled me like an invisible string were the volcanoes tops close by. They were covered in the mist of some clouds and I wondered if I’d get a better motive in the distance. I passed an American looking church and couldn’t help but smile. Such a unique way of building churches. Nothing of the fanciness found in Europe, all that seemed to matter for American churches was that it had a pointy thingy at the top. The road was splitting into two paths and I wasn’t sure whether to go further. I was quite far out already, it looked rural and lonely. I was alert and should maybe not take any further unnecessary risks. My need for security was bigger than getting into dangerous circumstances.  

On my way back, I pass a man who wasn't walking properly. He didn’t seem to be drunk but more like he started to suffer of old age. He smiled at me and we walked down the street together, surprisingly we walked the same paste. I was fascinated about all of our communication going on, even though my Spanish was still pretty rudimental. His name was Alejandro, he was Cancer and he told me about his son and how he would be working in the tourism industry. There was so much heartfelt joy and smiling happening in our walking. A few blocks later I turned left, I didn’t want to walk the same way back which I had come from. We said good-bye.   

I crossed the riverbed which was covered in green. The tiny bit of water was white and grey, all covered in plastic dirt. There was a terrible smell in the air, such a shame but this seems to come hand in hand with a country which I imagined Germany may have looked like in the early stage of development. Well, maybe not because back a couple of hundred years there would have probably not been much plastic around. At a small bus station a couple of guys were hanging out. They saw my camera tangling around my neck and wanted me to take a picture of them. I turned my head and saw a woman pushing a few goodies in a small cart. 

A few blocks later, I spotted the outline of a cathedral and cathedrals are always worth checking out. From the outside it looked a bit fallen apart. The facade must have once been white, now it was covered in dark grey almost black concrete or whatever texture it was build of. I took a seat at the 7th bench inside, meditated for a while until my body reached a higher state of tranquility. When I opened my eyes, I saw a woman in the 1st row rocking back and forth. Strangely, I recalled a similar situation from Leon. She was holding a picture of Jesus in her hands as if she was a bit of a maniac. For me there is only one truth which is the sum of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Astrology and what have you. It felt like the woman was leaning to the side of Christianity to an unproportional degree. Then again, what did I expect to find in a Christian church anyway? Balance?

It started to rain and I found shelter in the Central Park under one of the stalls. Even though I'm a Londoner now, that doesn't mean that I carry an umbrella for every life situation. I smiled at the lady of the shop showing her my gratitude. Quite funny, there was a water ton which served as a garbage bin - with the image of a mermaid on it, maybe some sort of Neptunian symbol. That Pisces energy may not only have shown itself through the pouring rain.

Down at the lake I was pleasantly surprised how little tourism stuff was going on. Whereas in Europe every single water spot near cities is pretty much civilized for tourists, that sort of dining with a view. The lakefront in Granada wasn't anything like that. A few cement plates were placed and you could see that the locals had started an attempt to make the area look pretty. There were palm trees planted but the weed was coming out of the ground. It looked pretty fallen apart. Despite all that, a few locals where having their food stalls here, in the hope for tourists to step by. I was the only one around.

To wrap things up, something quite magical happened. I spotted a single horse walking underneath the boat pier. It was walking across of green and brown earth. Between the water and the paved area. It was walking so proudly and with elan. It didn't seem to have any sort of direction but was certain it just wanted to move forward. Such a healthy and shiny horse and when it started to neigh, I couldn't believe it. This was definitely such a Sagittarius moment right here and now.

Can I just say how much I enjoy the wonder? It's such a special feeling to just walk and observe things on the way, you never know what comes next. Sure you could argue that this is life and that life is never certain and that theoretically you are exposed to the same sort of potential to be surprised what comes next when sitting at your desk. 

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