I’d like to believe that when we are leaving this earth, there will be a moment in which we can feel eternity. How? Well when we see our entire human life flash on by and I am sure that within the first ten minutes of my personal eternity film, the children from Bullerby will wave hello (or maybe good-bye?).

Those superheroes from childhood have implanted a mystical love for Scandinavia and as I grew up I’ve always looked up north in awe and wonder. Why is it that people dress so well, look naturally amazing? Sweden seemed like such an innovate place, so in 2014 I moved up to Karlstad to do my Masters and find out.

As I unlocked the door to my student dorm, I admired the huge pine trees in front of the window and couldn’t believe how fresh and clear the air felt. Breath. Listen. Silence. Those special moments when you use all your senses, hmm. Later on I discovered why the Swedish flag displays blue and yellow, the light in Sweden is absolutely breath-taking! Most often you have a blue sky and the gorgeous yellow light guaranteed.

Karlstad was a twenty-minute bus ride away. Whenever my head was stressing over research paper or exams, I would go for a run in the deep forest. Omg, if I could somehow share that feeling. I was running all the time, even in winter when it got dark shortly after 3pm. Can you imagine running in a dark forest? You just don’t stop but truly run for life, quite good on the calorie level and maybe that is why Swedes look so skinny and good. Joking.  

"A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable." - William Wordsworth

Then there was the lake Alstern, the absolute go-to-feel-magical-place, just flawless with cute boats on the shore or cute bridges rising into the water. I’ve never seen water so still before. If the world can be peaceful, lake Alstern would be the perfect example. As the first snow fell in winter, my house mates drove down to the lake to jump into the water.

On a broader cultural perspective, I’ve noticed how Swede’s show a quite unique when it comes to privacy, they like to keep to themselves. Maybe this comes from the past, when you had to belong to your tribe only, else you would die in the cold temperatures. As on the contrary, the team spirit is leading by example. In my studies we did so much group work, I even wrote my Master thesis with another person. The emphasis is really in finding the group consensus.

What else?

Favourite radio station? I loved listening to P4 and do it still, at least one or two mornings a week ever since.

Favourite movie? SVT Play is my favourite go-to TV station. I’ve kind of lost trust in many main stream news sites, but for some reason I still believe Swedish news show a good picture. I confess that I’m totally in love with BROEN and am sad that the 4th season will be the last.
Also, even though I’m not a huge sports fan, I enjoyed watching hockey, skiing and what not with my Swedish house mates.

Favourite food? I miss all the various choices from ICA, the soft bread and Kalle. I crave Swedish candy ever since Hemma Kvaell and am utterly disappointed IKEA has not yet arrived with the same stock of candy choice.

Favourite words?  “Laeget?” and “Mycket bra”.

Favourite vibes? Lucia night.

Favourite discovery? I got to know a bit of the Swedish cyber world (..). Twitch and the balcony it was.

Favourite activity? Being in forest or near the lake.


What about you! What's your perspective on Sweden? Any favourites?