Symbolism Flowers. There is more to it, or?

Spring is around the corner and Aries season is already here. As I walk down the street I see beautiful flowers popping into my eye, are they beings? What are flowers really, is there maybe more meaning found in them that we see at first sight? What is the symbolism of flowers?

Well, I am sure you can already feel that we seem to leave winter behind. We leave behind the times when we go to work in the dark and come back in the dark. Wohoo! There will be so much more time in our hands, time for adventure and extra explorations. Did you do your spring cleaning already, to dust your room and apartment from the darkness? To me spring always feels like new beginnings and I can definitely feel the extra Aries energy in the air. The energy wants to get things started and burn through like fire. The ice from the winter needs a lot of fire in order to melt and I can feel more fire flaming up from the center of my heart.

symbolism of flowers

Eventually we will all get into the zone of feeling the spring hormones in our being, just like the flowers do. Flowers are such incredible creatures, they seem almost dead in winter and must have been hiding in a weird place over winter, a place where time seemed to stand still. Then, miraculously, when the sun picks up with more energy on the northern hemisphere, flowers seem attuned to this higher vibration and open themselves up. And what delight it is to look at those beautiful flowers!!

I feel like oftentimes we miss the beauty of flowers, as we so often struggle to shift away from a place where we just are and away from a place where we define ourselves from the we have. If we look closer and appreciate the flowers and their dancing around to the sun and wind, we would have such an awesome mechanism which keeps us in the here and now. Sure you can buy flowers which would mean that you would “have” them but whenever you walk down a street you can just “be” while looking at, smelling and observing the flowers. It doesn’t cost anything but I promise your life will be enriched – if you can make room for this tiny bit of appreciation.

I was obsessed with many guys in the past (Venus square Pluto) and whenever I saw their names written anywhere, as the name of a shop, as the painter below a painting or as authors of texts, I got to look at these coincidences as the language of symbolism speaking to me. I got into the habit that the universe is speaking to me through these symbols. It is funny how these symbols could then raise my happiness level to tremendous heights. Sure you can think this is weird, but it worked wonders and I was able to build artificial happiness boosters into my daily life. I tried doing the same with colours so whenever I would see the colour blue for example, I would look at it as a sign to be more happy. It worked for a while but then the mechanism seemed to not be so heavily rooted within me.

My point is, that I believe it could really help us to look at the symbolism of flowers for beauty and then raise our vibration. I will definitely see how this new adjustment on my symbolism mechanism will turn out this spring.

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