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There is a lot which goes into it behind the scene. The self itself is a system. Not just your physical body, immune system etc. But you are yourself very psychic, all your memories and beliefs, that is the self. That is a system. Everything can be considered as a subsystem in this universal system. Plus these subsystems can overlap. What are persistent global system problems? The system is creating these problems. Poverty, the shrinking middle class. Pollution, the ice caps melting. War, obesity, crime. Market high consciousness things.

All the problems are really internal problems. There are no easy solutions. It's understanding that violent change to a complex system, it's gonna create a disaster. Systems are all about balance and harmony. Maintaining a certain opposition of [positive and negative forces. The system is its own greatest enemy. Terrorist understand that. The fear can leap into collapse. You need counterintuitive solutions. We are our own greatest enemy. Do some personal development work, you will see. The United States is its own greatest enemy.

Self-reflection. For a system in order to function. Awareness is the solution, consciousness. How can you see the problems if you can't look inside yourself?  Without self-reflection, you're going to die, not being able to compete. Higher consciousness it's what evolution is working towards. Looking for the root causes of issues. Don't get caught up in your emotional aspects. The yin yang. The greatest danger to the system is when you only have one forth. Nothing which can trigger its growth. An explosion of growth is cancer. Something that is just growing too much. We need to balance population growth. Business greed. The appreciation of balance. Appreciate the wisdom of nature. The system of nature has a natural wisdom. We should appreciate the natural herbs for one's health and not just buy all that crap in the pharmacies. 








Having a global concern rather than a local tribal concern. The simple minded system is tribalistic. System thinking means thinking as one people as basically the same. Seeing situations as humanistic as we can. Anything other than that is not sustainable, it won't last even 100 years. Materialism is not the only game in town. Success it's not the most important growth. Never ending growth is not what all this is about. There is a much bigger game played here in life. There is more than a house and a car. Understand when enough is enough. Ever increasing velocity is not what we're doing here in life. Is this sustainable?

Google might seem like a good corporation. What happens when the founders are long dead? You have a guy who wants to make money and power, it could be really scary. Self-interest is tribalism. That's not gonna work. We need to include everyone into our solution. A nation could be addictive to growth. Why are we so money hungry? Meta-thinking, self-reflection. Changing paradigms, intangible things. A framework you look at the world through. Don't disregard mind stuff.  Shifting one's perspective we can see the problem in a way that there is a solution. Making paradigm shifts means changing your core beliefs. Integrate multiple perspectives. Then you integrate them, bring them all together. Every perspective has some sort of truth in them. 

Studying phases and patterns becomes important. Your own life goes through cycles, then you know what to anticipate. Studying systems vs. manipulating. Study feedback loops. 


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  1. Interesting ideas here. I’m particularly drawn to issues relating to thinking globally rather than local or tribally. Though sometimes it can get overwhelming to think on that scale.

  2. Wow interesting take on this subject especially when you relate it to traveling. I always thought that self-awareness is first before understanding others.

  3. I loved all the thought proving things to think about on this post, thanks for sharing a fantastically wirtten piece

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