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How to Combine the Odds?

how to combine the odds fatum magazine

Much has already been written about boxes. As much as we dislike if someone puts us into a certain box, we are constantly boxing ourselves. Let’s face it, we like boxes and apparently many of us bloggers like unboxing even […]

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Seven Universal Principles

seven universal principles

  Good evening ladies & gentlemen. I went through an old notebook recently and stumbled upon 7 universal principles which I had written down on a flight to Athens. If I remember correctly, they are probably from that 1000+ page […]

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Weekly Philosophy Findings

Here are a few links I’ve picked up this week, enjoy. Maybe there is some inspiration for your unique journey.     Philosophy for the ear. I’ve always been obsessed with radio, this week I stumbled upon some interesting philosophy […]

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Voice Instead

A year-long getaway to some exotic place, a week by the sea? No. This week I got particularly excited about a plugin called Voice Instead for Chrome. Just highlight the text within any site on the Internet, close your eyes (or multitask) and […]

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The Concept of Experiences

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    I have multiple personalities.All these voices. Are me. The philosopherThe dreamerThe communicatorThe teacherThe business woman Everyone has multiple personalities. We pull out what we need when we have to.   We value experiences over things but products have their own […]

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How our Perception creates Reality

We see the world, not as it is, but as we are. – Talmud   We perceive things differently. In fact, we decide to select different aspects of a message to focus our attention on. What interests us, what is […]

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