For some strange reason, I am again trying this “writing online” thing. Some of you may remember my previous attempts and I was very delighted for your positive encouragement, yet I could never really follow through on it.


If I’m honest with myself this was probably due to some insecurities and some strange protection mechanism. I mean who would put themself out there to be a target for the public. I’d rather stayed behind the scenes, observing what was going on but hiding in my secure little space behind the screen, somewhat in the style of keeping one’s tweets protected.

Yet as you grow older, you strangely realise that you cannot simply repress certain voices within. When I write, I am absolutely free and it really feels like meditating and there are so many different things I want to tell you about. So as of now, everything may be a little bit unclear to what this whole “writing online” thing will be about. Regard it as my personal outlet, I probably won’t be one of those writers who focus on any particular matter because I want to know it all. Yes, I do have certain interests but I will show and explain along the way.

So stay with me or don’t, completely up to you.

Update 10 month into blogging: You have to have discipline and love blogging for the sake of blogging. 🙂