The Examined Life

Release Date: 2.1.2014
Publisher: Vintage
Author: Stephen Grosz
Order: here


I stumbled upon this book at the Oxford Literary Festival and was instantly hooked on the title. Anything getting lost  liberates, or?

The chapters are a wrap up of various psychoanalytic sessions recorded over the course of the author's career. Yes, it's a non-fiction book which presents the author's very own experiences. A page turner which I haven't read in a while. Grosz style catapults you into the realms of emotions. It was fascinating to see how the unconscious can actually be brought to the surface. All by analyzing the patients but also by questioning how the author himself feels as a means to uncover the truth.

It made me question my own judgment of the world surrounding me but more so what other may be able to read from me without my awareness. Sure, we all know some basics in body language but this book opens up a whole new understanding into a person's behavioral subconscious.

A must read for anyone interested in psychology.

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  • Sonyo Estavillo

    I love psychology and love to read, thanks for the suggestion. 🙂