The Greece Experience: From Athens to Chios

Greece, land of the ancient  gods. A country which gave birth to numerous great philosophers.
Or you may recognize it in the media when Greece faces another bailout standoff with its European creditors.

Plato who spoke about metaphysical dualism, stating the physical world is a shadow of the intelligible, immaterial.
Aristotle who emphasised that material objects participate in or imitate the forms.
 Homer who tells that life's journey that is filled with obstacles.

On Saturday morning, we arrive in the land which seems half-forgotten.
You and me, we wake up in Athens, excited the entire doorm room is still sleeping.
Peeking out through the curtains, we see the magical blue sky.

We jump into the shower and get ready for the day.
Our hair dries in the warm morning sun.
We drink our orange juice to get ready for a day full of explorations.



Heading out, our bags packed with water, sunscreen and the DSLR.
Greek restaurants in our vision, this must be where all the tourists eat in the evenings.
Preconception of Greek food such as Souvlaki, Tzaziki and Meze connect to the images we see with our eyes.

We find our way through the pine trees. 
The Acropolis, first things first.



Across the big plaza, we can't fail to spot the Acropolis as it is up on the hill, visible at all times. 



What we don't expect is to find soldiers in front of the entrance. 
But there they are  - and so we make a mental note:
Some sort of national pride must be going on.
As we turn our heads, the entire city of Athens unfolds below us.



What an incredible view!
We turn around. So, that's the famous Acropolis I'm looking at now.
Or as the sign says, we are standing in front of the ἀκρόπολις, the upper part of the city.
A place which was born in the 13th century BC, I can't even get my head around this number.



It's 7am, tourists are floating in. 
It's burning hot, some local women is sitting under her umbrella, working on some archaeological studies.
Good thing this place is on the UN Cultural heritage site to get some funding and the possibility to stay alive. 
Yes, this place is falling apart, no doubt in that.
I feel incredibly lucky that right now in the place is still there.
It makes me think of time and how relative it is.
What did the people from back then want to communicate.
What was there message?
How did they perceive the Universe?

That's why I love researching Astrology.
The Greeks from back then named the planets in the sky after some of their old gods.
Posdeison = Neptune = God of the Sea
Zeus = Jupiter = God of the Sky
Kronus = Saturn = God of Time



Ok, finished with the touristy bit. Now we jump into the flow.
We turn here, there. Our feet know where to go, our eyes are jumping from site to site.
Let's try to remember as many impressions as possible! 
Look there, you can even look down on the rooftop of the city.



Downhill. Number 7. Oh, how I love that number. 
And how funny how it says love just underneath.



It's so hot, good thing we brought water. 
Such cute alleys, we are definetly getting lost!!!
What a wonderful feeling.



We turn and are right in the heart of the quarter where the local artists live.
In front of the house, a women is hanging her laundry to dry.
She makes jewelry and dresses.
I stop by and admire her creation.

She asks: "Do you want to stay for a tea"?
And I sit and we talk, her friend stops by and we discuss philosophy.
I told them how much one can feel the magical vibes of this place.
Her friend confirms how philosophy is still very much rooted in people's minds.
But the younger generations suffer unemployment.
There is no fond opionion on the European Union. 



My body has fully adjusted to the hot weather. 
It's wonderful. Now, downhill once more. 

What a beautiful car!



How can a place looks so different to what I am used to from back home? 
How beautiful the flowers on the balcony. 



Wait a second, there are not only flowers on the balcony. 
The flowers are everwhere!!!!




It's so green........



But you can't help to notice a certain type of hopelessness lingering.
How was it possible to get to this point?



It's like a rollercoaster, seeing the sadness and beauty all at the same time. 
Look at that design in the tube, so stylish! Love the colors.
And how that person is only visible partly. 
I wonder what this stranger is doing at this minute.
Would love to send him the link to this article.
But he may never know that I once took his picture.
(Buddy, wishing you all the best and thanks for being my model!)



Then it was time to leave Athens behind. We have our big backpacks on our bags.
I'm so freaking releaved that nobody stole my valuables in the tube.
For some strange reason the area near the harbour felt really dangerous.
I had noticed how a gang of teenagers had been giving each other weird eye messages, the tube was getting less and less empty. 
I was really scared that in the end we would be alone with them, so that they would rob us.
But it turned out OK, we arrived at the harbour where most tourists catch a ferry to islands like Santorini or Crete.



It is the evening before my 27th birthday.
What an amazing feeling to be away and lost in an unknown place on earth.
No work, no worries. 

I am sitting on deck of the big ferry towards the island of Chios
There must be a place to sleep on deck, let's save some bucks.
Watching the stars under under the Aegean Sea, the night is rolling in.
Maybe it is 12.30am and I go inside, people already went to sleep. All the spots are taken. 
I amsitting in a seat for a while but really crave a good nights sleep.

Heck, I think, let's talk to the reception and just book a room.
I can afford it even though I usually like to travel on a budget.
The captain comes and we chat for a while.
I find out that this ferry would pick up refugees and bring them back to Athens.
Can't believe my ears when he says how some of them have nothing at all.
He saw how the ferry tickets are sometimes colored with people's blood.
I have goosebumps. Why do people from back home have racists opinion about immigrants?
Here I am on the ferry with the captain who tells me all about everything first hand, so touching.

On the island I only take one single picture of the immigrant base in the central park. 

Don't want to give the impression that I look at them for entertainment.
I smile at them, and I smile at the brand of the car which brought food to the base for lunch time.
It was a Mazda, translating into wisdom.

We keep walking and see how the Zeitgeist tells us about the Free Life.



How the letters look differnt and how places fall apart.



We don't need big cars but love the feeling of the wind blowing through our hair when we ride the scooter.



What a beatiful place where the laundry can dry in the sun!



In fact, there are Mazda's everywhere.
I find it quite funny and my mind wanders back to A
hura Mazda.
The uncreated spirit, wholly wise, benevolent and good, the creator and upholder of truth.

Anyways, we stay a few brilliant nights in a lovely place. 
We spend the days at the beach and swim in the beautiful turquoise water.

The music in our ears and the sunscreen on our skin.
No work, just taking it all in.


Then it's time to continue the journey. 
We catch a ferry over to the other side of the water. 
In the direction of Turkey.
Land of the Döner.

Happy travels,
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  1. Outstanding. Beautiful Greece. Just hope their economy is improving; so much hardship behind the scenes. Tourism is important both for stimulating the local economy and also for helping boost solidarity from the rest of the world. Cheers

    1. heya wesley! thank you for reading and being back in this space. your comments are the best, they make me so happy! 🙂 i also hope greece will do better economically, such beautiful country. those countries on the sunny side of the world should really think of increasing their prices for tourists, maybe that might help them. happy wednesday! x

    1. Hi Aisha, you have know idea how your comment made me feel!! Thanks so much girly, especially on the writing style aspect. Have a great Thursday! xx

    1. Aww, so happy you found it creative!! :):) I want to make it easy for the reader to understand and know his or her attention span may not be the longest, hence why I thought of a litlle twist. Happy Thursday and see you again sometime! 🙂

    1. it may just be a plane ride away 🙂 … and it won’t be going anywhere else soon. Well, that is – the ruins may.. xx

  2. I’ve visited Greece before but the way you describe it and your gorgeous photos makes me want to go again! Wish I read this before I went.

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