I have a confession to make, I'm in love with psychology.

A few years ago, I had reached a point where I had to dig deeper:
Why is our consciousness so different, what exactly is responsible for who we are?

I discovered information on the Ascendant.
Your physical appearance and your health.

The way you come across when people first meet you.
Your spontaneous behaviour and reactions.

The Ascendant is the Zodiac Sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born.

You know the time you were born?
Your ascendant sign can be calculated to the exact degree.

The Ascendant Sign is specific to the time and place of the individual birth.
Represents the environment and conditioning during childhood.
Considered as important and significant as the Sun and Moon Signs.
All other aspects on the chart are filtered through the Ascendant.

Appearance and personality.
Influencing physical characteristics.
Image, style and mannerisms.
How you act.

Weaker after a person reaches 30 years of age, as their confidence grows in who they are.

Like other Signs of the Zodiac, Rising Signs fall into fire, earth, air or water categories.

Fire Signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius appear energetic, optimistic and enthusiastic.
They usually appear friendly and non-critical, and they generally do well with others in social gatherings.

Earth Signs like Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo come off as practical and secure.
They may appear a bit shy, or cautious and serious.

Air Signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are good at communication.
They are perceived as sociable and friendly, if a little independent or detached.

The Water Signs of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer are seen as emotional, intuitive and feeling.
These people will usually hide their true feelings and feel a need to protect themselves from the world.
How they present themselves to the world is done for effect so they do not feel they are at risk.

Capricorn Ascendant

Yes, that's me.

We like to take everything seriously.
When playing a joke, we are deadpan.
We have impeccable timing for this kind of humour.

If there is one word that describes us, it is competence.
We are very conscious of the image we project, from the clothes we wear to the expression on our face.
We think if we look successful, well be successful.

One you want to have around when you need a responsible, reliable person.
Beneath our smooth, unruffled appearance, however, we are often questioning ourselves.
We often worry about the future.
Are we are doing all we can?

Despite looking like an overnight success, we worked hard to get where we are.
We will deny our wants and focus on our goal, no matter what it takes.

The only indulgences we will allow ourselves is the clothing we need to succeed.
Other status symbols that make us appear the way we want to be.
All of our success is the result of a conscious effort on our part.

Find your Ascendant

Go to Astro.com and get your birth chart, only a few clicks away.
Search & Google!

Then see if you find yourself reflected in your Ascendant.
Personally, I find the knowing part
This is a good side to start reading: here.

There are also great astrologers on YouTube who explain the individual Ascendants:

Astro Lada
KRS Channel
Jewel Mayberry
Kelley Rosano
Simon Vorster

The Point of Life

When the Sun rises each morning it gives its life-giving properties of warmth and light to the world.
It signifies our emergence into the world, and since life requires a body to inhabit, this is what the ascendant describes.
It also indicates the strength of our health and vitality, and whether we have the will to overcome

The colour white is attributed to the first house because of the light of the Sun.


Life and formation of character. 
The early years.
Fortunes of children.
Prayer of parents.
The station to which men are born.
The success of enterprises.
Temple of Mercury.


Life and vital spirit of man.
Basic character.
Cornerstone of entire nativity.

Let me know how this post resonates with you, would love your feedback!

Find your Ascendant here // 1 // Deborah Houlding - The Houses, Temples of the Sky