The Philosophy Rant




While floating down the Twitter river on this gorgeous Monday morning, I've come across these beautiful insight snippets. Here's a little selection of philosophical bits and bobs.



Is this really a post-truth world? here
How many different (human) emotions are there? here
How important is language in the workings of imagination? here
What do philosophers say about the inevitability of VR? here
Rousseau, self-love, and an increasingly connected world. here


What makes a judgment count as intuitive? 11min video: here
What if the Internet never existed? 16 min video: here
The illusion of consciousness. 22min video: here
Why AI Approaches to Cognition Won't Work for Consciousness. 1h video: here
Trapped in the filter bubble? (German) here


Can science explain consciousness? here
Podcasts on Islamic & Indian Philosophy: here
Personal identity & freedom regained. here


I'm no longer a Netflix kind of person and find YouTube a bit boring from time to time, I just don't find their algorithm appealing. See, I love love love philosophy because it gets right to the bottom of it and thought it makes sense to look for philosophy content with the proper label on it. But then again, there is nothing like finding philosophy in stories as well, you could say in a more hidden territory. Nevertheless these philosophical masters deserve a little attention and exposure. In my mind, philosophy is that overarching principle you can never learn enough of, so may aha-moments and wonder. And I'm always seeking wonder.


How do you find moments of wonder?


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  1. Hallo liebe Finja,
    und danke für diese wundervolle Zusammenstellung und das du das Thema in den Mittelpunkt rückst! Ich werde mich auf jeden Fall später und morgen mal durchklicken. Ich kann dir nur Recht geben – man kann nie genug lernen, genug lesen, genug andere Gedankengänge erkennen. Ich muss ehrlich sagen, während meines Studiums musste ich typischerweise etliche Berge an Literaturlesen, so dass ich in meiner Freizeit nicht immer mehr Lust dazu hatte. Aber jetzt wo diese Zeit hinter mir liegt, freue ich mich sehr auf neuen Input!

    Ich wünsche Dir einen wunderbaren Abend!
    Liebste Grüße an Dich! ♥ Saskia von DemWindentgegen

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