The agency network in Digital Marketing is changing, we no longer only work for  clients but realise that different stakeholders have different skillsets, working in different parts of the supply chain. Yet we must realise that we do not embrace fully what could be accomplished in this network of service partnerships.

Instead we are juggling with biological and status matters: “I am working towards my goals, to please my manager, to secure my own living.”

We often struggle to see the wider picture and lack imagination of what the wider picture could look like.

We go to work and try to make an impact in our small little circles and teams.

As an example, I noticed that the social network integration is  tremendously lacking a – you could say – “completion of the value chain”.

  • We post where we check in on Swarm and discover new places (or as I like to say experiences) on Foursquare.
  • We tweet our thoughts on Twitter.
  • We stay in touch with old friends on Facebook.
  • We post our everyday experiences on Instagram.
  • We show what we see on Snapchat.
  • We listen to music on Spotify, but if we really want to dig into deeper levels of music (especially into the thoughs of DJs) we switch over to Soundcloud. We listen to radio on TuneIn to add another human component to our musical experience.

The story continues but overall we operate in silos.

Sure, Facebook tried to be it all (or at least part of it) and obviously that didn’t turn out well. We were not yet ready, we had to learn the basics first. The basic of what it means to be connected to people around us, that we do not need to fear strangers but that connecting with them is fun.

There are many who are reluctant to change, who don’t see the need of checking out the various networks and then there are people who see the value, who have the imagination. All basic biological stuff here.

The value

I found myself doing some weird stuff with regards to all these social networks. Above all, I really want to understand what is going on and so I “played” the channels for a while to understand them.

I went through phases when I loved the channel, then I overdid and couldn’t stand them to the degree that I deleted myself. Goodbye 500 Facebook “friends”, 3k Instagram Follower or 700 Twitter companions. I also tried and delete some weird followers who looked like spam. Ultimately I could then see each channel what it would really be, at least in my subjective experience.

What I found is that the main thing, at least to me, is the plain value of a good relationship. I discovered that you will find those people out there. If you share the same interest and mindset, you can share wonderful online experiences. It seems that there are online and offline friends.

Where we should go
I am dreaming of a place where we can have better experiences with our online friends, where we see that the social networks have a better API with other networks. I would love to see the people to take their act together to take a look at the bigger picture. A place where we can be compassionate enough to step out of our circle view and not only work for our managers but where each of us contributes their unique strength.