Timeless Time? Vertical & Horizontal Observation

Strange construct, at first you think it only goes forwards what you did yesterday does obviously sit in the past. It’s further down on the left on the time scale. Point zero would be a starting point, one could argue.

In her book A View from Chiron, Zane Stein speaks of time usually with regards to the realm of the planet Saturn. Yet she realizes hot in actuality Saturn only rules one type of time, namely chronological time as in duration. I like to think of it as the horizontal version of time.

There’s another type, time that obeys an entirely different set of laws (if it does, indeed, obey any laws at all) which is represented by the asteroid Chiros. Stein connects this time to what Einstein referred to in his explanation of relativity: ‘When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute – and its longer than any hour.’ Chiros has even been called ‘timeless time’ and many people have been able to enter this type of time through deep meditation. I consider this a vertical version of time.

I notice how the red line tangling itself through my life is tying events together at an irrational paste. Right now, I can call upon any sort of memory. Or my current job for example, it suits perfectly into the big milestones from the past. Some days, the time in the office flies by, other times it is not moving forward at all. When I’m out running or in the swimming pool, I’m always amazed in that fantastic long time I can dive into.

What am I to do with this behavior of time?

First and foremost, I won’t be able to change anything. Time will move forwards and I will grow older. There’s not much one could do to change the duration of time in the horizontal spectrum (please correct me if you have a different opinion! I’d love to get rid of anti-ageing products).

Can we exploit riding on the vertical spectrum of time?

Maybe we should have more moments which feel longer or is it a mixture of long-felt and shot-felt moments. I will definitely observe my own behaviour on this matter. Maybe when I feel time is rushing too fast, I’ll be able to do things which feel longer – just to insert a bit more balance.

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