To Do Something Religiously…?

What does it take to write a book? I have a strong feeling that doing it religiously is part of it. Lots of Corona and emotions. Seeing life as a journey, experience different things. I tell myself to think of it as a game. I'm sure three month in it will feel so natural.

My friend David once shared his Venezuelan wisdom with me. He said you gotta do things religiously. Did he just say that to add some sort of dramatic effect, to spice up his argument? No, he had a point.

We used to show consist involvement towards our faith but nowadays 'religion' seems to be expressed with other things.

A ritual, deep feeling, dedication, and zeal, spending a lot of time with something. It's the routine of it all, something to enjoy on a regular basis. Focus and dedication of time to something. A guiding practice, doing things with clockwork regularity as if your soul depended on it. An activity or passion that you love so much that you are involved in as often as you can. Always on time, without fail, and always in the same way. 

It used to mean something that tied in with a person's spiritual beliefs and practices. Now it's been altered, religion has become less widespread.

For some their religious practice is music, for others, it is the consumption of news or to worship a TV show, or writing a book.

Question: What's your religious practice?

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  1. Great pic. Did you create it? As for ‘religiously,’ the usefulness of the word outdid its old usage, related to religion. Not being fond of religions may disqualify me from offering a dispassionate opinion, so I won’t. But I can see a bit of a twist in the modern usage of the word, because one does things ‘religiously’ as the equivalent of practicing. It’s a word that used to imply faith, but to practice is more closely related to science. Yes, one has to have a bit of confidence to do anything in life, faith if you would, including practicing an instrument, for instance. For that would be a waste if convinced that, well, he or she’s wasting time doing it. At the same time, empirical knowledge requires that one tries it over and over again, the essence of perfecting anything, and also for proving ‘scientifically’ that something can be done, reproduced, etc. No one needs to believe in science, because the point is to follow the exact same steps to achieve the same result. It’s also possible to rely on someone else’s experience to conclude that something is truth, without the need to ‘believe it.’ Like, I know that gravity exists, but I don’t need to prove it again by jumping off a window, for instance, for obvious reasons. Many already did over and over since Newton, getting the same results. But that’s not believing; it’s common sense. Or self-preservation. Cheers

    1. Wesley, hello! how are you? 🙂 great to hear from you again. first things first, no i did not take the photo. credits go to here, as written at the bottom. also, thank you so very much for your thoughts, truly appreciate it!!! have a fantastic weekend! may we all find our activities which we will end up doing religiously…. cheers to you!

    2. Thank you so much, Finja. The same to you. Now, I’ve gotta go try on for the 1000th time the gown I’ll be wearing tomorrow at the carpet. Giorgio is so stressed, and I’m so bored..

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