Ultimate Reality & The Role of Experiences

The evening resolved, or rather dissolved, quite happy.

My mind wandered from a new understanding of reality to the role of experiences.

Why? For the sake of curiosity.



A new understanding of reality

1990s & 21st Century


The core claim here is that order is real, as real as energy.

That order, energy and God constitute everything that exists in the universe.
Correctly understanding the reality of order provides a new bridge to understanding.
Appreciating the reality of God and other things once thought to belong to the "supernatural."



Ultimate Reality


Whereas "ordinary reality" is immediately accessible by our senses and perceptions (even though it is something of an illusion), ultimate reality requires much more effort to grasp. A new fundamental reality made up of ideas or thoughts and not physical matter.

By ultimate reality I mean reality at its deepest levels, peeling back the layers of experience and knowledge till we reach the inner core, beyond which one can go no further because there is no further to go.

To understand ultimate reality, one has to consider some of the primary claims of the sciences, psychology, philosophy and religious faith. And one will have to step back from these traditional disciplines and view reality in an entirely new light, a view which may be hard to grasp not because it is terribly complicated but because it is new and different.

Make your journey toward a new, more effective understanding of reality relatively simple, because ultimate reality is relatively simple.

The more ultimate you go, the simpler it gets.


The Role of Experiences


Experience has tremendous value.
It changes the way I look at everyone else.

Children send out into the world chalked full of “knowledge”. 
Out into the ‘real world’ for that kind of knowledge is to be applied.
Without experience, there will never be true knowledge.
Only with experience will you have anything more than grasping at an idea.
We do seem to be at the mercy of our own experiences.

They make us happy, bitter, nostalgic, homesick, cynical.
Open- or closed-minded.
Angry, scared and compassionate.



Experience can be the whole package, making the experience not just a product, but a mental process, a state of mind.


Subjective order and arrangement of a series of experiences.
Objective order and arrangement of items of which they are the experiences.

The Experience Economy following the service economy.
Businesses create memorable events for their customers.

The memory itself becomes the product.
The time of the tourist, architect and urban planner.

There is no replacement for experience.

Until next time,

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