Uranus, god of the sky and waters

Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of many things. The 7th planet from the sun, Urnanus, holds a special position when it comes to brilliant ideas. Why is that and who is is guy?

Scientifically outlined he is described as follows:

  • 7th planet from the Sun
  • 3rdlargest planetary radius
  • 4th largest planetary mass in the Solar System
  • Similar in composition to Neptune (both have different bulk chemical composition from that of the larger gas giants Jupiter and Saturn).
  • Uranus and Neptune are “ice giants” to distinguish them from the gas giants.
  • Uranus‘s atmosphere, although similar to Jupiter’s and Saturn’s in its primary composition of hydrogen and helium, contains more “ices“, such as water, ammonia, and methane, along with traces of other hydrocarbons.
  • The coldest planetary atmosphere in the Solar System, with a minimum temperature of 49 K (−224.2 °C).
  • Has a complex, layered cloud structure, with water thought to make up the lowest clouds, and methane the uppermost layer of clouds.
  • The interior of Uranus is mainly composed of ices and rock.

But this is only half of the truth about Uranus. The sister reasearches of astronomers are the astrologers, who apply different energies to different celestial bodies in the Universe.

The astrologers outline Uranus like this:

  • Uranus brings with it a new way of looking at things.
  • Its approach is best met with an expanded consciousness.
  • Originality, inventions, computers, cutting-edge technologies and future events are all ruled by this planet.
  • Uranus sees no need for the status quo, preferring instead to break with tradition and create a new mold.
  • While the building blocks (science, electricity) are safe here, this planet would rather focus its gaze on a new world order.
  • To that end, rebellion, revolution, dictators, an autonomous state and free will all fall under the aegis of this planet.

My natal sun squares my uranus and this is how I am personally affected by the planet Uranus in the sky:

  • My very identities ride on my sense of personal freedom.
  • It can be quite a challenge to get me to do what I don’t want to do, simply because I see any attempts to push me in a certain direction as threatening my freedom.
  • I am a very dynamic individual who questions tradition and authority, yet, paradoxically, am quite set in my own ways.
  • I have a love-hate relationship with my own uniqueness.
  • Much of the time I am very proud of my original personality.
  • Other times, I feel a bit left out for being “different”.
  • Although I am humanitarian in many ways, I can be a little brusque when it comes to sentimentality or what I perceive to be excessive attachment to the past or to tradition.

If you want to know more how Uranus affects you personally, comment below.

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