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Externalisation of Inner Design

While walking downtown in central London, I noticed the big trees in private gardens. They look enormous in their peculiar way. Elegant and effortlessly swinging their leaves in the current of the wind and the evening sun. They must be 300 years or older. All those different ages of humanity have passed on by. They look provocative, proud, selected. Do trees belong to a different class system?
Dragons, beautiful spirits with immense spiritual and physical power. Guardians of balance and protectors of our creation. Some people tried to tame them. Some others attempted to enslave them. There were also those who tried to eliminate them. As for the ones in front of me, I fell in love with all of them. A whole new world opened before my eyes. They showed me how to reach the light by walking in the darkness. They taught me how fears are strengths. They are true mentors, friends, and lovers.
Like a Vulcan in our own hands, every single one of us has the power to make a difference. Don't depend it on anything external for your own happiness. Take responsibility for yourself and combine physical, emotional, physical and spiritual selfs. Grant them all what they are demanding. Work your natal chart in your own unique harmony. Make use of your superpowers. Be willing to learn as well as ride the human experience of life one earth. Uranus trine Saturn, we are currently asked what is really worth our time and set new goals for the next 30-year cycle. We're asked to work with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.
In this interstellar post-truth era, climbing can be very difficult. Falling is much easier, but it is not nearly as rewarding. Be creative. I found that listening to 500-hertz vibrations on YouTube while working, makes me more productive. I can only hope that my friend Sofia is right in saying, people who work hard are worthy of successful life.

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