#Week51 ~ 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

Thought to share a couple of interesting founds online. See, I read about culture, psychology and stuff which gets me thinking. I will try to find actionable reads which enables my reader to take action. Nothing is more boring than to spend time reading without any sort of action.

2017 IY Sustainable Tourism for Development

I came across a striking event initiated by the United Nations about fostering better understanding among peoples everywhere, in leading to a greater awareness of the rich heritage of various civilizations and in bringing about a better appreciation of the inherent values of different cultures, thereby contributing to the strengthening of peace in the world.

Let us together take advantage of the International Year: Let's promote actions which fosters cultural understanding at all levels, including through international cooperation, and to support sustainable tourism as a means of promoting and accelerating sustainable development, especially poverty eradication.

Do you know a hotel or guesthouse in your area? How does the little corner of the world differ? Going to Starbucks or any other of the big chains might be convenient but if we only support big corporations or brands, the smaller one's can't make it in the business. Haven't we all heard about corner shops closing down mostly in small villages because consumers drive into the next city to find more selection, or just goes on Amazon for the sake of super convenience.

Let's look around our locally, where can we support others? If we, the people on the Internet, could help others find a wider audience of supporters. That's how I envision a better world. For instance, I like to shop my vegetables at the private corner shop, so when I go buy my groceries for the week, I'm not going to Tesco. Not only do I support a local business but I also get the experience of a Turkish business in the UK.


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  1. This was a really thought provoking post! There’s a lovely little bakery that I use to get my fresh bread from and I love going to greengrocers to get fresh fruit and vegetables too 🙂 It’s when you go abroad to somewhere like France, where I’ve seen so many small independent shops that are still thriving even though they have big Hypermarkets and you look back to the UK and so many small local businesses being pushed out because of the bigger chain brands taking over! xx

    Victoria | http://www.victoriaahelenn.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Hi Victoria,
      Thank you so much for your feedback and the image of your description of France is swinging in my head, so true. I find it’s such a convenience trade off in many cases but deep down we know that that the local shop matters, the local family.
      Coming from Germany, there are so many small bakeries which have closed down now. My little village almost looks like a ghost town, it’s really shocking and I really wonder where this will lead towards…
      Wishing you a very happy and lucky 2017!
      xx finja

  2. I love this! Going forward into the new year it’s always a good idea to see how we could do better in our local areas and support our community members and small businesses. I’ve made a habit out of buying coffee beans from local roasters and shops, but I want to expand this to include my groceries also.

    Kate | girlinthebluejacket.blogspot.com

    1. Heya Kate. Thank you for your lovely words!! 🙂 Yes, let’s shop more locally or maybe just do small little acts of kindness. There is this organic grocery shop close by and I kind of feel that spending my entire money there would leave me broke sooner than later but I will make more of an effort to pop around more often and by 1 or 2 items (I usually end up with a new tea flavour). Wish you all the best for 2017! 🙂

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