Weekly Philosophy Findings

Here are a few links I've picked up this week, enjoy. Maybe there is some inspiration for your unique journey.



Philosophy for the ear. I've always been obsessed with radio, this week I stumbled upon some interesting philosophy talks on BBC4. If you understand German, Deutschlandfunk Kultur has this audio post on the philosophy of going for a walk

Indian Philosophy. Anyone interested in learning more about Dharma, Buddhism and Indian philosophy? There a class on the science of meditation over on Coursera. Or maybe it's time to challenge your tantric worldview

Philosopher of the week. I've been looking into the works of some famous philosopher these days. I came across Anthony Grayling whose biography is too long to quote but who has so much wisdom to share.

Tune of the week. As Theophilus London says, diamonds are what we're sending in time and illusions they can fall through the mind. It's time to live it up, oh.

Bookish. Finally finished The Power by Naomi Alderman who won the Baileys Prize earlier this year. Put simply, it's the story about a world in which women are more in-tune with their super powers. Violent, magical and thought-provoking at the same time. 

WordPress. I can't believe I haven't looked into the WordPress reader and tags earlier and I've become so addicted to reading so much great content out there. That made me realize that the readers are on WordPress. So why not tap into that community over there. Okay, I could see the opinion of some fancy bloggers with super cool layouts who may say that it's not worth their time but after all that's where the people are who care for words and not solely for the latest mascaras.

Journal love. I keep buying the fanciest journals and then find myself treating them with so much respect that I don't want to tear them apart. This week I realized that the proper respect is to give them more love and fill them with the most random scribblings.

1: Henri Matinesse (1905) - The Joy of Life

Can't believe it's already August this upcoming week. Oh, and as Leo Tolstoy said, it’s much better to do good in a way that no one knows anything about it. Hmm, that's a good intention for August. 

Do you have any particular plans for August?

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  1. Wow I absolutely love that painting at the top!!! Plus, I’m a huge Tolstoy fan! Love the quote. I would really like more time to read about philosophies. What a great selection you’ve shared x

  2. I recently got into Grayling as well! I also know what you mean about buying fancy journals – I find that the more I love to look at it and have it around the more I’ll end up writing in and using it.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Shelley, yes I’m so in love with art and exploring all sorts of artists…. 🙂 He is one of the best ones indeed.

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