Weekly Recap: From Munich to Chanel.

There was lots to be happy about during the last seven days. The point of these weekly recap posts is to wrap up the encountered experiences. So let’s continue with a round up of my highlights from this week.

Seen: Munich. I grew up in the north of Germany and Munich was a 10-hour drive away, a road trip I never took. This week I got lucky though and I got to see Bavaria's capital for the first time due to a business meeting. It was very cliche, waitresses walking in Dirndls, wooden interiors and cute alleys. Not to forget the freezing temperature and the snow. 
Read: Teffi' From Moscow to the Black Sea. Now, I haven't finished it yet but continued my journey joining Teffi in his adventures between Kiev and Odessa. I read about a train ride and how even in Russia love triangles exist.
Watched: The OA Season 1. My flatmate had some guests from Sweden over who forgot to sign out of their Netflix account, so I stumbled upon this show - and ended up watching the complete first season, finishing with tears in my eyes. A scientist researches near-death experiences to prove the existence of another realm of consciousness. Now how does he do so? He keeps a group of humans in his basement.
Tasted: Delicious Spätzle in Munich. The kitchen in the Pschorr was already closed but I found some amazing Spätzle close by. 
Heard: On Being with Tech's Moral Reckoning. Such inspiring conversation about how we are creating new tribes utilising the Internet or how we would need new metrics such as how well is someone listening or engaging. They argued how people would judge others holding their phone in their hand in a restaurant but that many would quickly jump to the conclusion that this person is showing an antisocial behaviour, while in fact, some deeply social behaviour might be going on. Go listen to find out more.
Amazed: Snow in London & the full moon in Cancer.
Felt: One of my friends emailed me this meditation, absolutely loved it. Go grab a pillow, focus on your breathing and feeling body and open your eyes being transformed.
Realised: Perception is not reality (stay tuned for an upcoming post).
Wondered: Freedom vs Material Invest. Committing to a mortgage ties you down, but what does freedom signify in regards to material possession?
Changed: I was presenting in front of a group of people during a business meeting. Next time, I'll practice my speech beforehand. I guess you really need to study what you are going to say. Fake it till you make it.
Smelled: CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle. My colleague and I got to the airport quite early with lots of time to kill. I ended up wandering through the shops, only to discover two sales women in the back of a perfumery. They looked bored, killing some time as well. I engaged in a little conversation with them (I usually don't like to talk to the sales people as I find them rather pushy, I need my own time most of the time). I ended up leaving with 3 perfume stripes which I took back to the waiting area. While my colleague and I were debating which smell would be the best, a stranger joined into our debate. Result? Mademoiselle. Really thinking of getting that perfume now. 
Appreciated: Response to my Christmas cards from Germany and the States. <3
Questions: What did this week offer you?

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