What to Pack? Getting Ready for the Road

Don’t count on the German parcel delivery, I was waiting for almost two weeks for my backpack to arrive as well as many other travel utensils from my trip back in Asia. Never mind, luckily I live close to a backpacking shop here in London and they were really helpful. I also did my vaccination there a few weeks ago.

So here’s what I’ll be taking for the 3 weeks Central America adventure.

Carrying: Big & small backpack.
Security: Money belt, bra with pockets, lock.
Sleeping: Pillow.
Light: Torch, lighter.
Essentials: Ear plugs, chargers, adaptors, Kindle, Lonely Planet, notebook & pen, cards.
Clothing: 4 tshirts, 2 shorts, 1 dress, sweatshirt, 1 trousers, bikini, flipflops, Nike’s, hat, sarong, underwear.
Eating: Peanuts, chewing gum.
Hygiene: Soap, travel wipes, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush .
Health: Mosquito spray, first aid kit, sunscreen.
Documents: Passport, drivers licence, divers licence,ย $, travel insurance.
Other: Camera, 3 memory cards, sunglasses, swimming googles, phone.

I really was debating a lot with myself, should I take the laptop or not? Pro would be to be able to blog better and share photos of my camera with you. Most people were giving me the advice not to, and I feel it’s probably for the best. As well, how cool it will be to live without the computer for a while! I’m so excited, nervous and should better get everything ready. Prio 1? Remove my iphone memory space. It seems to be forever be filled with crap.

Catch you later! And please let me know if I forgot anything important!!

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