Favourite Destination in Costa Rica? Drake Bay.

"Ahh, where to go?"

Where to go in Costa Rica? Well, let's start the story in Palmar Norte, 5pm. Taxis are waiting and you are the only traveller who has plans to take the ferry to Drake Bay. You don’t know why but for some unknown reason you are scared. Fear is in the air. Can you trust the driver or is he going to rob you? 

You walk on a small path, following the driver, the wind seeks to blow you over. Somehow you realise that it is crucial to choose the good thought over the bad, being trapped in fearful thoughts may only cause scary encounters. Repeatedly you tell yourself that you’ll be safe and slowly your subconscious begins to respond. You breath and soon you calm down. No further clues are presented, only later you learn that you got ribbed off by 15$.

At the pier it is drizzling but you are left speechless by the look of the tropical river. The colour is dark brown and the water is floating with strong currents. The raindrops are gently blending into the smooth surface of the river. It is quiet and you sit down on the ground, putting the rain cover onto your backpack. A stranger passes and points into the direction of a roof, you give him a smile silently thinking what a pleasure to sit in the rain on the river, such a different world. You breath slowly and deeply.

For fourty minutes the speedboat races through a maze of multiple river branches, turning left, right, then straight until yet another curve. The rainforest on the waterside passes by in fast mode, the sound of the engine echoes in your ears and you forget the way back. Luckily, a tall man from Pura Vida waits at the empty beach, taking you to one of his beautiful decorated rooms. Hmm.

It gets dark early, the drizzling had turned into showers and wonderful fresh air fills your lungs. Nevertheless, your body can’t live off air alone, so you dress up in a raincoat, take your flashlight in order to find some food. Again you walk through fear, taking the deserted gravel road flickering with your torch in the darkness of the jungle bay. Nothing can stop your bravery, you are a risk-taker who walks the path to pleasures. In this case the pleasures of some nice food in your tummy.

Early the next morning, you hear the roaster singing, then some private bedroom chatter right behind the wall. Their soft voices reflect the gentleness of the brand new day. Part of you wants to jump right out of the bed in the interest of catching the sunrise. However, the other part wins and so you drift back into your dreams.

After boiling some water and engaging with an American family over breakfast, you make it down to the beach and jump into the diving boat. Ah! The sun is shining and you are about to go into the depth of the ocean. A bit scared though, hoping that all will go well with the ear pressure adjustment when going down.

Surprisingly the Canadian divers manage to go down in seconds, you take it easy, affirming yourself positively and holding on to the robe and your googles. You are not in panic mode or anything but you have to focus on your belief once again. All will go well if you can only convince yourself.

A few minutes later you are in space, flying and floating around in an aquarium. There are corals and colourful fish everywhere: yellow fish, Nemos, violet and purple fish, small ones, big ones. So many species! Then a swarm of Mantas flies by showing their wings in such a proud beauty and you are flying right over a giant Manta who was resting in the sand below. Suddenly you hear the familiar sound of the diving instructor tank, but you don’t realise that it is a shark which he pointed out, such a peaceful big fish you think. No fear is coming out of your subconscious.

What strange reality exists within the water? A glorious place. What is it telling you when you are there? Maybe you feel a message from the Piscean, Neptunian realms. The aquarium wants you to just float and be, realising how special every single breath is. Down in the water you truly feel a exceptional sense of gratefulness coming from the air with every single inhalation.

That's it now you should know where to go in Costa Rica? Not quite, definitely go for a couple of snacks on Cano Island aka paradise. You promise yourself to never forget about the beauty of life and let the magical air fill your lungs once more. 

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  1. Absolutely love everything about this. The style, the font, the layout. Oh and the writing is super inviting. After falling in love with this post I’ll be sure to check out both Costa Rica and your future posts.

  2. Unfortunately, I did not visit this part of CR when I was there a few years back. For what I read, it was something I would have loved! My favourite part of CR was Manuel Antonio and Arenal, have you been to any of them? Do you think they are better or not that Drake Bay and Cano Island??

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