On Wonderwoman & Superman. Who needs Perfectionism?

What constitutes being a woman and is there such a thing as being the ideal, perfect woman? Probably not. Nevertheless, there must be common denominator which woman share and what can be found in all of them, all of us I should say from the perspective of being a woman myself. So what makes a woman to be a Wonderwoman, a female who vibrates on the most positive scale?When I was travelling through east Turkey last autumn, I met a very kind taxi driver. Unfortunately, I don’t remember his name, but he turned out to be a neighbour of a place I was staying at and offered to take me on a trip around Bergama, into the nearby highlands and to the coast. We had some good discussions and he told me some of his love stories. He talked about how woman are like fruits and when they are ripe they can be reaped.

So what are the qualities of a ripe woman? He described it as being independent, knowing one’s goals and then going after what one desires. Then I ask myself how the ideal woman should look like in more depth and don’t we all just like being around people who are happy, full of joy and who don’t drag us down? Maybe this is self-mastery. I don’t think Wonderwoman doesn’t not have the occasional emotional turmoil, but that she is well aware how to intelligently navigate through her emotions, that she tunes into those little messages which are send to her through emotions and that she then knows where to make changes to follow her heart into the space positivity. I feel like Wonderwoman is complete, she needs no one else to complete her or cure some of her hurts as she is able to take care of herself.


So then Superman comes into the picture and he basically has the same traits as Wonderwoman and one sits on one side of the scale and the other at the other side. They are both in balance, that type of balance Libra craves for. In the ideal case they both help each other to fix spots within each other when one is less “whole” than the other but in the end they know how to balance their relationship out.

In truth this is a very complex matter. “Wholes” don’t carry name tags along and how do you know when something is out of balance? I guess we learn this throughout our lifetime and I find it quite fascinating to discover my own “wholes” and then see “wholes” in others. The beauty of it is understanding how we all work and that we are all human. It helps me to understand my own strength and weaknesses better. I learn to appreciate what I can do well and learn to appreciate my unique gifts better, my Wonderwoman superpowers. Seeing others being able to navigate certain things better helps me to stay humble. In the end we are all just learning from each other.

I know that Wonderwoman (and Superman) is only one and that we are many but maybe there is some form of truth to Wonderwoman as there is truth to the ideal of a tree. Trees have many forms but in the end they all provide us with delicious oxygen. Maybe Wonderwoman (and Superman) are there to show us that a life of pure love and joy is possible.

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